Building Business while Cutting Costs for Consumers  for 38 Years! 

No, Coupon Country wasn’t an internet coupon site for 30 years.  Coupon Country began as a direct mail ‘marriage mailing’ coupon book in 1980 and had a successful run for over 30 years – and continues to do specialized direct mailings to this day, both marriage or cooperative and solo mailers

But, times change. When Coupon Country began, direct mail was young and timing couldn’t have been better for Coupon Country to be on the forefront of cooperative mailings where business could mail for ONE-FIFTH the price of a normal mailing by combining in one mailing unit with other businesses’ coupons and flyers.  Come 2010 and print advertising such as the phone book and direct mail went the way of the Do Do bird. While those media do still exist results are no where as they were.  As Coupon Country has always tried to stay one step ahead, we got right into the internet revolution and established  several dozen nice websites offering not only coupons but everything from reviews to tips to blogs.